Service Amenities at Bentley Fort Lauderdale

bentley fort lauderdale service amenities

Complimentary Towing Service within South Florida

If your luxury car requires service from our trusted and certified automotive technicians, take advantage of complimentary transportation on our flatbed truck. We can travel to any location throughout South Florida to pick up the vehicle and to transport it to our reputable service center for all repair or maintenance work that is needed. After all the requested work has been completed, we will deliver your car to you. Rest assured that your vehicle will be transported safely and will return to you in excellent condition. Our focus is on making it as convenient as possible for you to keep your luxury car well-maintained throughout your many years of ownership.

bentley fort lauderdale service amenities

Luxury Courtesy Vehicles

When your luxury car is being serviced by our team, you can continue to travel throughout South Florida in style by reserving one of our courtesy vehicles. These are current demonstration vehicles for Bentley models. We also offer complimentary rental of luxury vehicles through Hertz. With a limited supply of courtesy vehicles available, call ahead of your arrival to make a reservation.

bentley fort lauderdale service amenities

Complimentary Interior and Exterior Detailing

Regardless of the type of service that your car needs, our team will thoroughly clean the interior and exterior before returning it to you. Our complimentary detailing service includes hand-washing the car as well as:

  • Wiping down the seats and dashboard
  • Dressing the tires
  • Clean Windows Inside and Out
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows
  • Vacuuming the interior
bentley fort lauderdale service amenities

Bon Voyage Service

You understandably want to ensure that your luxury car is well-maintained before you depart for your next trip. Simply provide us with your travel dates, and we will arrive to transport your vehicle on a flatbed tow truck to our dealership for storage and service while you are away. In addition to securely storing your luxury car on-site, our technicians will:

  • Complete a road test to identify areas of concern
  • Conduct a multi-point auto inspection
  • Correct tire pressure
  • Test the battery and make improvements as needed
  • Check and top off the engine fluids
  • Address all outstanding recommended auto maintenance services
bentley fort lauderdale service amenities

Welcome Back Service

An alternative to the Bon Voyage Service is our Welcome Back Service. If you prefer to keep your vehicle stored at home, book this service before you return. We will transport your car to our dealership within the last few days of your trip to complete all essential services, and we will return the vehicle to you via our flatbed truck in excellent condition. In addition to completing all of the same services that are included in our Bon Voyage plan, we will also top off the fuel tank and hand-wash your car.

At Bentley Fort Lauderdale, we want to continue to provide you with exceptional service throughout your many years in your luxury car. To request any of these services, contact our office today by giving us a call or scheduling an appointment online.